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Leasing is Flexible and the lease may be structured to meet the needs of the customer by providing tax advantages, optimizing cash flow, variable payments, and flexible end of lease options. 
Leasing Conserves Working Capital and unlike bank loans does not require significat down payments.
Leasing Increases Your Credit Resources as bank credit lines are not utilized.
Leasing May Improve The Balance Sheet as you may be able to deduct lease payments as an operating expense, rather than having to capitalize the equipment if it was purchased.
Leasing Helps Avoid Obsolescence by providing for easy upgrades and additional equipment simply by adding new lease schedules to the master lease. At the end of the lease, return the equipment, negotiate an extension, or purchase.


Finance Lease: Actually a conditional sale. Title transfer to lessee at end of lease for $1.00 or for a fixed percentage of equipment cost.
Operating Lease: Allows lessee to expense lease payments providing substantial tax benefits. The lease discounts to 89% or less of equipment cost. The title transfers only if lessee purchases equipment for fair market value at the end of the lease. In order for a lessee to qualify for an operating lease, the lessee must have excellent credit, and the equipment must have a strong residual projection.
Sale /Leaseback: Provides for the purchase and leaseback of customer owned equipment with a finance lease structure.



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