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Ralion Financial offers innovative and strategic vendor leasing programs for businesses. Our vendor leasing programs will give you the ability to now offer your customers the equipment leasing option for your product.

Vendor Lease Program:

Custom Lease Structure: Our leasing professionals will work closely with your staff to design a program that will provide the leasing alternative for your products. 
Sales Training: We offer a lease orientation program for your sales team to show the competitive advantage of leasing vs. purchase. 
Lease Rates: Lease rates are continuosly updated and will be distributed to your sales team monthly via e-mail and fax.
Lease Quotation Preparation: We will prepare lease quotations within 24 hours. We will also assist your sales team to provide quotes directly.
Credit Review: Credit reviews are completed within 24 hours. Leases are non-recourse to you, unless otherwise agreed by you in advance.
Documentation: We prepare, and execute all lease documents. The Master Lease is executed once, and any additional needs simply require a one page Lease Schedule.
Invoice Payment: Invoices are paid within 10 business days of receipt of notice of equipment delivery and acceptance.


Issue Lease Quote: A lease quote is issued in accordance with the sales quotation. The lease quote is signed and returned to Ralion Financial indicating the customer's intention to proceed with the lease.
Submit Credit Application: The customer completes and returns the lease application and financial information for credit review. Ralion Financial renders a credit decision within 24 hours of receipt.
Prepare, Forward and Recover Documents: Upon credit approval, lease documents are prepared and forwarded to the customer for signature.
Issue Purchase Order: Upon receipt of properly executed documents, Ralion Financial issues its purchase order for the products and services to be leased.
Invoice Payment: Upon advice of installation and acceptance, invoices are processed for payment within 10 days of receipt.

If you want a custom vendor program tailored to your product, please register by filling out the Lease Application and a Ralion Financial representative will contact you.

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